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Informed ‘Inspectors’

CBS series will entertain and educate, actor says

Actor Bret Green
Actor Bret Green of "The Inspectors"

The upcoming television drama The Inspectors will be entertaining and educational, says actor Bret Green, one of the show’s stars.

“The producers worked really closely with the [Postal Inspection Service] in making sure these crimes are 100 percent legitimate and accurate,” Green told Talk Nerdy With Us, a pop culture news site, this week.

The half-hour series casts Green as Preston Wainwright, a paraplegic college student interning with the Inspection Service.

The show will teach people to guard themselves from identity theft, email scams and other forms of mail crimes, Green said.

“There’s definitely a lesson to be learned in every episode in terms of ways to protect yourself,” he said.

CBS will air “The Inspectors” Saturdays at 10:30 a.m., starting Oct. 3.

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