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Sharing scanning data helps customers, PMG says

PMG video
PMG Megan Brennan’s latest “Business Focus” video was released Aug. 20.

The Postal Service is continuing to update its scanning technology to better serve customers, PMG Megan Brennan says in her latest “Business Focus” video message.

“Timely and accurate scanning is a basic customer requirement,” she says.

USPS will soon complete deployment of Mobile Delivery Devices (MDDs), which are used to scan items upon delivery.

The data collected by the devices is shared with business customers, allowing them to track their mailings, as well as residential customers, allowing them to know when their packages will arrive.

Ongoing investments in scanning technology are part of a broader effort to improve the Postal Service’s use of data, Brennan says.

“We’re empowering employees with actionable, real-time data and analytics — and we’re going to continue to refine and improve the information and the tools we use,” she says.

The PMG also updates employees on the latest quarterly financial report, including double-digit growth in package volumes, as well as increasing competition in the shipping sector.

Brennan concludes by expressing her gratitude to employees.

“Thank you for continuing to do your part by delivering excellent service, improving efficiencies and controlling costs,” she says.

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