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In case of emergency

Training refresher to strengthen preparedness

Natural disaster
USPS is offering EMT members refresher training on dealing with emergencies.

The Postal Service recently introduced required refresher training for managers designated as Emergency Management Team (EMT) members.

The training will include new tools, along with guidelines on preparedness and response efforts to ensure the continued protection of postal employees, assets and overall business continuity.

“Training like this builds muscle memory that can be used whenever we face a crisis,” said Capital Metro Area VP Kristin Seaver. “Having experienced Hurricane Sandy, I can attest to the effectiveness of being prepared.”

The six-hour course, which is taught by National Preparedness staff members, began at the area level in May. The program is now underway at district offices, mail processing facilities and national distribution centers.

“Our organization faces all types of hazards each day, including tornadoes, earthquakes, floods and wildfires,” said Pacific Area VP Dean Granholm. “Having plans to respond quickly and efficiently to any type of event will help make us a more resilient organization.”

The National Preparedness site on Blue has information on plans, procedures and more.

Additional information will be available in September, which is National Preparedness Month.

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