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Impressive feat

MS doesn’t slow down employee during triathlon

Running man followup
Dalton, PA, Postmaster Tim Burke runs during the recent New York City Triathlon.

Dalton, PA, Postmaster Tim Burke recently completed the New York City Triathlon —demonstrating again that multiple sclerosis can’t slow him down.

Burke, who was diagnosed with MS in 1998, regularly participates in races and endurance competitions.

In New York City, he finished the 1-mile swim, 26-mile bike race and 6.2-mile foot race in 3 hours, 22 minutes — burning almost 2,900 calories along the way.

“Pretty respectable for an old guy with MS,” he said.

Burke, who participated in the triathlon as a member of the National MS Society Team, hopes next to compete in a half-Ironman and eventually, a full Ironman competition.

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