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Keeping it real

Employees learn how TV commercials are really made

TV commercial stars Kimberly
Putnam, CT, Letter Carrier Kimberly Reynolds is filmed braving high winds for the Postal Service’s latest TV ad.

The employees who star in the Postal Service’s latest TV commercial got more than 30 seconds of fame — they also received an education in Hollywood magic.

Putnam, CT, Letter Carrier Kimberly Reynolds was filmed making a delivery while braving high winds, which actually were supplied by a giant fan. “They told me to look very serious,” she said.

The commercial also shows Elgin, IL, Letter Carrier Terrel Davis dodging lawn sprinklers to deliver a package to a woman on a porch. What you don’t hear is a line ad-libbed by the actress.

“Here is my handsome mailman,” she said, making Davis smile.

The 30-second commercial, which debuted in the spring, is part of the Watch Us Deliver campaign.

The ad was filmed in California after USPS invited employees to audition. Not all of the scenes shot made the final cut, although several outtakes — such as Reynolds’ high-wind delivery — are included in a behind-the-scenes video.

Davis said he’s proud to wear a postal uniform, especially since making the commercial.

“It’s important for USPS to promote our products and services. It lets the public know we’re the right choice when it comes to delivering packages,” he said.

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