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‘POV’ offers tips for serving commercial customers

Consumer and Industry Affairs VP Jim Nemec’s latest “Point of View” video was released this week.

More than two-thirds of the Postal Service’s annual revenue comes from business customers — so holding onto them is a top priority, Consumer and Industry Affairs VP Jim Nemec says in his latest “Point of View” video.

The mix includes businesses of all sizes, from major retailers to individuals who sell products on eBay.

“Because of the diversity of our business customers, we really need to focus on their needs at every level of the organization,” says Nemec.

Post Offices play an important role, says Central Pennsylvania District Marketing Manager Sherri Leidigh, who also appears in the video.

“Every time they come into one of our Post Offices, their customer experience [should be] a positive one,” she says.

Leidigh recommends Post Office managers use standup talks to inform employees about business products, services and rates.

Managers also should review customer surveys for insights and commit to responding to business inquiries within 24 hours.

Says Nemec: “It is up to us to make sure we are doing everything that we can to give them world-class customer service.”

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