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New surface visibility devices coming soon

SV devices
A new USPS surface visibility device

USPS plant employees will soon receive new surface visibility devices that will make it easier for business customers to know the whereabouts of their mail and packages.

The handheld devices will replace existing equipment. The new devices, called SV mobile devices, will be lighter and feature larger screens and improved software.

The devices align with the Postal Service’s efforts to better use technology, improve customers’ experiences and grow its package delivery service.

Surface Visibility enhances scanning of all mail and packages as items move through the postal processing and transportation networks.

“These new SV mobile devices will bring USPS a step closer to achieving full mail and package visibility,” said Enterprise Analytics VP Robert Cintron.

USPS recently tested the devices at the Dulles, VA, P&DC and the Nashua, NH, L&DC.

Employees at both facilities praised the equipment as lightweight and effective. “It made my job a lot easier,” said one.

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