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California employee helps gunshot victim

Scott Gallegos
Carmichael, CA, City Carrier Assistant Scott Gallegos

Carmichael, CA, City Carrier Assistant Scott Gallegos was parking his postal vehicle recently when a woman began banging on the driver’s side window.

“I turned around and the victim was standing at my door, just drenched in blood,” Gallegos told a local TV station.

Gallegos got out of the vehicle and began helping the woman, who had been shot several times. He called 911 and moved her behind the vehicle to shield her from further gunfire.

The gunman had barricaded himself inside a nearby house. He opened fire again when police arrived but was eventually arrested.

The victim was treated at a hospital and is now recovering.

The Postal Inspection Service advises employees to always be alert, observant and careful. Suspicious activities should be reported immediately to the police, Postal Inspectors or your supervisors.

“It’s kind of an overwhelming feeling to know that you can help somebody like that,” said Gallegos, who was later honored by a community group for his heroism. “It’s not something I’m ever going to forget.”

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