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The kids are all write

Summer campers still mail letters home

Camp letters
The NBC report shows a New Jersey camper writing a letter.

Not all letter-writing traditions are disappearing in the digital age.

Children who go away to summer camp still mail handwritten notes to their families back home, “NBC Nightly News” reported last week. (Some employees may be unable to view external videos on postal computers.)

The segment features parents reading amusing letters they’ve received.

“Dear family, I must write you a letter even though nothing important has happened,” wrote one child.

Another camper was more dramatic: “I want to go home now. These wet spots are my tears.”

The report also includes a New Jersey camp where youngsters pen letters to their parents twice a week — whether they miss them or not.

“No offense to them, but I’d much rather be here with all my friends,” one boy says.

Doug Goldoff, a New York father whose two children are away at camp, tells NBC their letters bring back fond memories.

“To see them actually writing the way we used to, which was the norm, is actually nice to see,” he says.

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