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Three minutes to launch

Career conferences prepare employees for future

Career conference
Post Office Operations Manager Anthony Facini, right, helps Harrisburg P&DC Expeditor Michelle Dressler with her eCareer profile at Central Pennsylvania District’s recent conference.

If you had three minutes to describe your career goals, what would you say?

More than 100 Postal Service employees faced this challenge at a recent Central Pennsylvania District career conference. The meeting is one of several being held across the nation this year, part of a broader effort to provide the USPS workforce with more professional development opportunities.

“We always need motivated people looking for advancement,” said Acting Post Office Operations Manager Mary Tyneway, who participated in the conference. “I was able to identify some candidates at the event and talk to them about developmental assignments.”

In addition to being given three minutes to “pitch” themselves to postal leaders, attendees received networking opportunities and advice on updating their eCareer profiles.

USPS career conferences also include workshops and seminars.

A recent Alabama District meeting included sessions on time management, giving feedback and developing a career portfolio.

The meeting, which drew more than 350 employees, also included representatives from groups such as African-American Postal League United for Success.

“People are the key to success in everything we do,” said Alabama District Manager Mary Sullivan. “Developing the talent that is already in our organization is critical to the future.”

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