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Sustainable society

Chief Sustainability Officer shares USPS best practices

Tom Day
Chief Sustainability Officer Tom Day

Chief Sustainability Officer Tom Day was recently featured in the International Society of Sustainability Professionals’ Profile in Excellence Series to share what the Postal Service is doing to lead by example.

In the video, Day discusses how the USPS is creating a culture of conservation. Besides gaining the support of executive leaders, he states it’s also important to empower people throughout the organization who are passionate about the environment.

Day also explains how the Postal Service is handling the issue of climate change.

“We’re working on climate change adaptation planning, so that we’re prepared for the changes that are coming,” Day said. “We need to be able to maintain continuity of operations.”

Day also highlighted how sustainability is a cross-functional effort across Network Operations, Delivery and Post Office Operations, Facilities, Supply Management and other groups. An example is the National Recycling Operation — which not only increases recycling rates but also saves the organization money.

“In an organization this size, the impact, scale and scope is big,” Day said. “When initiatives work, it results in numbers that can make the needle on the dial move.”

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