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Employee aids co-worker after dog attack

Heroes John Stillwell Kevin Bowser
Tarentum, PA, Letter Carrier John Stillwell, right, and City Carrier Assistant Kevin Bowser

Tarentum, PA, Letter Carrier John Stillwell was working when he received a phone call and learned a co-worker, City Carrier Assistant Kevin Bowser, had been attacked by a dog.

Stillwell rushed to the scene and made sure Bowser was safe and received medical attention. After taking the necessary safety precautions, Stillwell then retrieved the scattered mail and organized it for delivery.

By the time Postmaster James Aiello and police arrived, Stillwell had everything under control.

“John’s courageous action, leadership, esprit de corps and concern for his fellow carrier reflect great credit upon him and this great organization,” Aiello said. “Employees like John make the Postal Service a great place to work.”

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