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Postal insights sparking industry growth, PMG reports

PMG Megan Brennan’s latest “Business Focus” video was released June 18.
PMG Megan Brennan’s latest “Business Focus” video was released June 18.

The Postal Service’s strategic investment in scanning technology is helping to grow the mailing industry, PMG Megan Brennan reports in her latest “Business Focus” video message.

By scanning mail and packages, USPS is collecting valuable data and sharing its insights with business customers, the PMG explains.

“Companies are getting detailed information from the Postal Service about how their mail is moving through our network and how customers are interacting with the mail,” she says. “This data creates both customer value and business value.”

The PMG also discusses efforts to encourage businesses to enliven their mailings with QR codes and augmented reality features, a major topic at the recent National Postal Forum.

She encourages employees to visit, a new postal site that shows how businesses can use technology to “bring excitement to the mail.”

Other topics addressed include improving service levels and the Postal Service’s recent financial performance, as well as the new Missing Children and Medal of Honor: Vietnam stamps.

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