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Three honored for handling information requests

FOIA Awards
From left, USPS employees Haiyang Li, Nathan Solomon and James Wilson were honored with quarterly Chief FOIA Officer’s Awards.

The Postal Service recently honored three employees for promptly handling information requests from the news media, government agencies and other organizations.

The quarterly Chief FOIA Officer’s Awards recognize employees whose efforts ensure Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests are addressed in a timely manner. Under the 1966 law, the public can request documents, emails and more from federal agencies.

The latest honorees:

  • Haiyang Li, a Mailing and Payment Technology business systems analyst, was recognized for implementing procedures that helped close 95 percent of an inherited FOIA backlog.
  • Nathan Solomon, a USPS attorney in St. Louis, was honored for outstanding assistance on a congressional inquiry into privacy policies.
  • James Wilson, an Enterprise Analytics address management manager, was cited for ensuring his team’s consistently prompt response to FOIA requests.

“While all USPS employees are obligated to assist with FOIA, these honorees made exceptional efforts to comply,” said Associate General Counsel Michael Elston, the Postal Service’s chief FOIA officer.

USPS received more than 2,000 FOIA requests last year.

The awards are part of a broader organizational effort to strengthen the Postal Service’s compliance with its FOIA obligations.

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