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SOX reorganization

Most functions will transition to outside firm

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The Postal Service has taken new steps to strengthen its business practices and reduce program costs under the Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) accounting law.

USPS began transitioning most SOX functions to the Deloitte & Touche consulting firm June 8, part of a broader effort to simplify its SOX organizational structure.

The Postal Service also created a revenue assurance unit to ensure USPS collects the appropriate amounts due.

About 95 Postal Service headquarters employees will be affected by this transition.

“We are working with the affected employees to identify other opportunities in the Postal Service. We also are working to ensure a smooth, orderly transition of SOX functions to Deloitte & Touche,” said Controller VP Maura McNerney.

The Postal Reform Act of 2006 required USPS to become SOX-compliant, making USPS the only federal agency to face such a requirement.

More information is available on the Postal Service’s SOX informational site.

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