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Less is more

New video highlights consolidated extra services

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Recently simplified extra services such as Certified Mail are discussed in a new USPS video.

USPS News Link Story – Less is more

A new Postal Service video highlights the extra services that were recently simplified to better serve customers.Twenty extra services — including insurance and tracking — were consolidated to 10 services, effective May 31. Customers have the same options as before, but in a streamlined format.

“These options will make it easier for our customers to get exactly what they need,” Retail and Customer Service Operations VP Kelly Sigmon says in the video.

The services require new forms, which employees should share with customers, Sigmon says. Although customers are encouraged to use the updated forms, they’re permitted to use the old forms during the transition.

The consolidated services are part of the Postal Service’s recent price and classification changes, which are examined in a separate video.

For more information, refer to the 2015 Price Change Reference Book or visit Postal Explorer.

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