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Online retailers relying on USPS to reach customers

A Poshmark customer photographs an outfit for sale in a new USPS video.
A Poshmark customer photographs an outfit for sale in a new USPS video.

Online shopping hasn’t just transformed the way consumers buy and sell goods — it’s also created new uses for mail.

One example: NatureBox, a fast-growing company that sends healthy snacks to customers through a monthly subscription service.

“The Postal Service’s ability to deliver to every address is really critical for us because they’re providing the access that these customers don’t have” says Gautam Gupta, NatureBox’s chief executive.

Gupta is featured alongside other CEOs in a new Postal Service video that highlights the connection between mail and online commerce.

The video also shows how retailers benefit from USPS scanning technology.

“Scanning and tracking not only enables our client to know where her product is, but as a business it actually helps us to manage and track our inventory,” says Katrina Lake, chief executive of Stitch Fix, which sends customers boxes of clothes chosen by personal stylists.

Other companies featured include Poshmark, which allows users to post online photos of items from their closet that others can purchase.

Says CEO Manish Chandra: “USPS enables our supply chain to even exist because our supply chain and demand chain is both serviced by USPS simultaneously.”

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