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USPS to end support for BlackBerry devices

The BlackBerry era is ending at the Postal Service.
The BlackBerry era is ending at the Postal Service.

Bye-bye, BlackBerry.

The Postal Service is ending support for its BlackBerry devices, so employees who still use them must switch to another smartphone.

“As the Postal Service continues to make strides to become an increasingly mobile workforce, the BlackBerry just does not provide us with the flexibility we need,” said Enterprise Access Infrastructure Manager Brian Carnell.

The first BlackBerry devices were issued to employees in 2000. Last year, USPS invited BlackBerry users to upgrade to BlackBerry 10, Samsung Galaxy S4 or iPhone 5s devices.

Two-thirds switched to the iPhone 5s, while most others took a Galaxy S4.

Fewer than 500 selected the BlackBerry 10. Approximately 1,000 BlackBerry users kept their old devices.

“Most of our user base had already made the switch when their refresh was available. This natural migration has reduced the number of users to a level that it’s no longer cost effective to maintain separate infrastructure to support the devices,” Carnell said.

BlackBerry users will soon be notified by email that they must select an iPhone 5s or a Samsung Galaxy S4 and a phone service provider.

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