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Comeback special

Elvis Presley stamp announcement shakes up fans

The back of the new Elvis Presley stamp sheet.
The back of the new Elvis Presley stamp sheet.

Elvis has re-entered the building.

The news media and Presley’s fans are buzzing about last week’s announcement that the Postal Service will soon issue a new stamp featuring the King of Rock ’n’ Roll.

ABC News, USA Today, Rolling Stone and other outlets reported the news, along with international publications such as the British Daily Mail newspaper.

A post on Presley’s Facebook page received more than 35,000 likes and comments from fans who purchased the 1993 Elvis stamp, one of the most popular of all time.

“Still have the original 1993 stamp in a glass-enclosed box when first issued. Hope to get the new one when it is released,” one fan reported.

Another wrote, “I have a sheet of them. Never even used them when I ran out of stamps. Let my bills be late. I wouldn’t give up Elvis!”

The new stamp — which will be dedicated Aug. 12 — will be part of the Music Icons series.

The Postal Service has revealed the image that will appear on the back of the stamp sheet, which will resemble a 45 rpm record. The stamp image will be released later.

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