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Star treatment

Indiana letter carrier featured in new TV ad

Clinton, IN, Letter Carrier Jeanette Wyres
Clinton, IN, Letter Carrier Jeanette Wyres

Going Hollywood was more than just a dream for Clinton, IN, Letter Carrier Jeanette Wyres. For a few memorable days this spring, it was reality.

It began a few months ago, when USPS invited employees to try out for its next TV commercial. Wyres submitted a 90-second audition video and didn’t think much about it — until she received a call informing her she’d been cast.

“I thought it was a prank,” Wyres said.

The Postal Service whisked Wyres and several other employees to California, housing the newly minted stars in a Santa Monica hotel.

The commercial was shot at Stevenson Ranch, a neighborhood in the Santa Susana Mountains where several TV shows and movies have filmed.

Wyres was filmed delivering groceries and driving an LLV down a mountain.

She enjoyed the experience, including getting to know other participants. “We all ate together — cast and crew — and I got to meet carriers from all over the country,” she said.

The commercial debuted last month, part of the new Watch Us Deliver campaign.

The star treatment hasn’t gone to Wyres’ head. “I’m honored I was picked from a small town like Clinton.”

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