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Picture perfect

Oklahoma District achieves BMEU success

Oklahoma District Marketing Manager Mark Waugh poses with Mr. ZIP.
Oklahoma District Marketing Manager Mark Waugh poses with Mr. ZIP.

What does it take to get a colleague to hug Mr. ZIP?

If you work in Oklahoma District, some excellent Business Mail Entry Unit (BMEU) scores will do the trick.

The district’s marketing manager, Mark Waugh, recently promised to be photographed with a cardboard cutout of the 1960s postal cartoon character if all 221 PostalOne sites achieved two full weeks of perfect daily BMEU scores.

BMEU staffers — including technicians, managers, Post Office operations personnel and field employees — accepted the challenge. They created tools, re-evaluated process and beefed up training to meet the goal.

During the two-week period, the district processed more than 6,000 statements that required 12,000 perfect verifications.

“This performance reflects the collaboration among the district leadership, Tulsa and Oklahoma City BMEU technicians, Postmasters and techs in the field offices,” said BMEU Manager Bill Braunbeck.

The changes have had a lasting effect.

Now if a BMEU technician at one site has difficulty with a statement, he or she calls a colleague at a larger BMEU for guidance.

“We all work together,” Braunbeck said.

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