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Training a draw for Postal Forum attendees

Attendees watch a presentation at this week’s National Postal Forum.
Attendees watch a presentation at this week’s National Postal Forum.

The National Postal Forum isn’t just about attending speeches and visiting the exhibition hall. Many attendees are there for professional development.

The Postal Service is offering two certification programs at this year’s conference, which is now underway in Anaheim, CA.

The Mailpiece Design Professional (MDP) and Executive Mail Center Manager (EMCM) courses are geared toward people who work for commercial mailers, although the programs benefit USPS too.

“They build great customer relations,” said National Center for Employee Development Manager Paul Warrick. “They help commercial mailers learn how to do business with the Postal Service, which boosts our efficiency and allows us to serve them better.”

The programs have become popular draws at the Postal Forum, where participants can attend the required sessions and take the certification test during the conference or soon thereafter.

“For a lot of people, it’s an efficient way to achieve your certification,” said Training Supervisor Lisa Roth.

The Postal Forum’s other educational offerings include an extensive lineup of workshops that address mailing topics.

Like the MDP and EMCM programs, the workshops are geared toward commercial mailers, although postal employees find them useful too.

“There’s always something new to learn in our industry,” Roth said.

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