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Eight-week course goes beyond traditional training

Employees who recently completed the Management Essentials course.
Employees who recently completed the Management Essentials course.

Postal Service managers are strengthening their leadership skills through a new program that goes beyond traditional training courses.

The eight-week Management Essentials course is required for new managers in processing, maintenance and customer service operations. USPS introduced the program earlier this year, part of a broader effort to provide employees with more professional development opportunities.

“This program definitely made me a much better manager,” said Santa Barbara, CA, Maintenance Operations Manager Joe Santoli, who recently completed the course. “It showed me how to positively influence employees [and] set clear goals and expectations.”

One of the program’s main goals is to help managers improve their relationships with employees by better understanding themselves.

Participants practice and apply skills such as critical analysis, decision-making and social acuity. The course culminates with each participant devising a strategy to improve a specific aspect of their workplace.

Reseda, CA, Postmaster Shannon Sanfilippo said the program taught her to be more aware of her emotions and how they shape her approach to leadership.

“It’s helped me in motivating and encouraging both my employees and supervisors,” she said.

For more information, visit the course site.

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