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Package business continues growing, ‘NBR’ reports

A news crew films a customer testing a new mailbox.
A news crew films a customer testing a new mailbox.

he Postal Service’s fast-growing package business is winning customers of all stripes, “Nightly Business Report” told viewers this week.

Residential customers are applauding the organization’s efforts to offer new delivery options, while more business customers are turning to USPS to ship their products, the TV newsmagazine reported.

“Packages are our future. They’re just continuing to grow exponentially,” Broomfield, CO, Postmaster Jamie Osborne says during the segment.

The three-minute report showcases the Postal Service’s test of larger mailboxes to accommodate packages.

“I think it’s great,” says Broomfield resident Shawnette Fleming, who is testing one of the mailboxes for USPS. “I don’t have to worry about someone stealing [a package] or it getting wet on the porch.”

The Postal Service’s package business has grown about 30 percent during the past five years.

One of the fastest-growing segments is Parcel Select, which UPS, FedEx and others rely on to complete deliveries to their customers.

“More and more shippers … are delivering to the Post Office for the last-mile service,” says industry analyst Satish Jindel.

The segment, which features reporting from CNBC last week, also mentions the Postal Service’s plans to deploy new package-sorting equipment and upgrade its delivery fleet.

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