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Call of duty

Baltimore carriers keep mail moving

Carrier Gerstine Fields
Baltimore, MD, Letter Carrier Gerstine Fields delivers mail recently.

Postal Service employees in Baltimore say they were proud to keep the mail moving despite recent unrest in the city.

“I came to work to deliver to my customers because it’s my duty to provide them service,” said Letter Carrier Britt Danik, who works at Druid Station, located in one of the neighborhoods that experienced turbulence.

“There were people on the streets that said, ‘There’s mail delivery today?’ I knew then that I did the right thing by coming to work because them seeing me brings back a sense of normalcy to the community,” Danik said.

Carriers delivered mail where it was safe to do so, said Baltimore District Manager Angela Curtis. Supervisors alerted carriers to potential problem areas by sending messages to their Mobile Delivery Devices.

Additionally, Curtis and Washington Division Acting Postal Inspector in Charge David McGinnis visited Druid Station to provide carriers with safety tips and thank them for their service.

Curtis said carriers “never asked to leave early and had 100 percent attendance and a great attitude” throughout the incident.

Several employees said they didn’t want to disappoint their customers. “I knew I had a job to do,” said Letter Carrier Gerstine Fields.

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