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Lean leaders

New training offered for black belt certified employees

Continuous Improvement
Continuous Improvement Executive Manager Sal Santangelo addresses a gathering of USPS employees.

The Office of Continuous Improvement is offering advanced training to select employees who are helping the Postal Service become more innovative, efficient and customer-focused.

The Lean Leader program is available to employees who have achieved USPS black belt certification, a designation that emphasizes using continuous improvement methodologies to strengthen postal operations.

“This training will help us develop a new generation of postal leaders who can champion the principles of continuous improvement throughout the organization,” said Continuous Improvement Executive Manager Sal Santangelo.

The 10-month program began last year. The first class had nine participants and the second class has 13, all of whom were nominated by USPS vice presidents.

The program includes four weeks of classroom training in which participants learn to apply advanced continuous improvement concepts in postal workplaces. Field visits, group projects, “report outs” and individual professional development are also part of the curriculum.

After participants complete the program, they will be better positioned to take leadership roles in different areas of the Postal Service, Santangelo said.

“They will all serve as change agents who will help the Postal Service continue to improve and move forward,” he said.

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