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Follow the money

System allows USPS to track incorrect utility charges

UMS helps ensure the Postal Service isn’t overcharged on utility payments.

The Postal Service’s Utility Management System (UMS) has saved the organization more than $500,000 during the past three years.

UMS helps verify the Postal Service isn’t overcharged for utilities. The system is part of the organization’s broader focus on protecting revenue.

One example: During a recent routine review, Energy Specialist Paul George learned more than $32,000 in trash removal charges at a leased Post Office were rolled into utility payments to the landlord.

However, when George did a little more research, he discovered the lease agreement called for trash removal to be paid by the landlord, not USPS.

George worked with everyone involved to get the Postal Service a full refund.

“This incident highlights how UMS and its authorized users can recover funds for the Postal Service. We will continue to work throughout the organization to ensure USPS isn’t overcharged,” George said.

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