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North of the border

Mexican postal service hopes to emulate USPS technology

Mexican and USPS officials discussing mail delivery
Mexican postal officials listen as Dallas District Manager Timothy Costello, left, explains how USPS loads mail into LLVs for delivery.

Mexican postal officials visited Dallas recently to learn how USPS technology has improved mail processing and delivery in the United States.

The delegation came from Correos de México, which serves about 96 percent of the country’s population. Dallas District Manager Timothy Costello took the officials to the Carrollton, TX, Post Office, where they saw how the Passive Adaptive Scanning System (PASS) scans packages and helps carriers prepare them for delivery.

“Our carriers are able to spend more time delivering and less time sorting, thanks to our investments in automation,” Costello said.

Representatives also toured the North Texas P&DC, where Senior Plant Manager Larry Wagener showed how automation has made mail processing faster.

As Abraham Nava Plasencia, Correos de México’s deputy director of logistics, watched one machine in action, he said, “Wow, this speed is amazing.”

Plasencia and other members of the delegation said they hoped to pursue automation when they returned to Mexico, where most mail is sorted manually.

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