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Cards for Chloe

Sick child learns power of mail

Chloe Fuller holding a card
Chloe Fuller holds one of the cards she received.

Chloe Fuller is only 6 years old, but she’s already learned about the power of mail.

When Chloe was diagnosed last year with a life-threatening illness, her neighbors in Luray, VA, began sending her cards to show their support. Before long, she was receiving mail from across the nation.

Now Chloe stands on her porch each day and waves as Rural Carrier Candice Cave delivers the mail. As soon as Cave leaves, Chloe’s mother allows her to go to the mailbox to retrieve the cards waiting for her.

It’s Chloe’s favorite time of day. Despite the child’s illness, she remains a “spunky, sassy, fun-loving little girl,” said her mother, Katie Gochenhour.

Luray Postmaster Kendall Shifflett said Chloe’s enthusiasm demonstrates what makes the Postal Service unique.

“This is what we do at USPS that email cannot,” said Shifflett. “We touch hearts in a tangible way and deliver a smile in the form of a card just when it seems like there are no smiles to be found.”

News organizations have published the address for people who wish to mail Chloe a card: Chloe Fuller, 380 Creekview Loop, Luray VA 22835-6822.

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