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Go West, Batman

TV star Adam West talks fan mail, his favorite stamp

Postal podcast April (Adam West)
Adam West. Photo:

Adam West isn’t just a fan of the Postal Service’s Batman stamps — he’s a fan of USPS employees too.

West, who starred on the 1960s “Batman” TV series, lives in Ketchum, ID, where he still collects fan mail at the city’s Post Office.

“I’ve never seen a better Post Office,” West tells the latest edition of “Your Postal Podcast.”

The employees are “always cooperative and nice and fun and social. … They get the job done,” he says.

The actor, 86, is delighted by how popular his old show remains.

“My mail reflects the fact that people still see the show,” West says. “It’s really been evergreen. It’s been around 40 years. I’m very lucky.”

And how much does he love the Batman stamps?

Says West: “Can I have a thousand?”

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