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Postal employee, dog rescue cat

Blackburn Dori hero
Winthrop, WA, Rural Carrier Dori Blackburn

Who says postal carriers and dogs can’t get along?

Dori Blackburn recently joined the Postal Service as a rural carrier in Winthrop, WA. For several days, she was approached on her route by a dog that seemed eager to befriend her.

One day, the dog was more persistent than usual. Blackburn tried to ignore the continuous barking, then realized the animal was trying to tell her something — so she followed the dog to a locked cargo trailer where she could hear a cat crying.

Blackburn went to a nearby house and explained what happened to a woman, who was relieved. The woman’s cat, Simon, had been missing for three weeks.

The woman rescued Simon from the trailer and thanked Blackburn — and the dog — for reuniting her with her missing pet. The woman then took Simon to a veterinarian, who gave him a clean bill of health.

“Turns out, I guess he was little bit overweight and so his reserve saved him on that one,” Blackburn tells the latest edition of “Your Postal Podcast.”

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