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Dock and load

Paper forms eliminated through eInduction

Through eInduction, the Postal Service is protecting revenue at USPS loading docks.

Technology hasn’t just improved the Postal Service’s ability to track packages — it’s also helping to protect revenue at USPS loading docks, where commercial mail is accepted.

Through eInduction, the Postal Service uses mailer electronic documentation (eDoc), Intelligent Mail Container barcodes (IMcbs) and handheld scanners to accept almost half the containers that deliver mail to postal facilities.

“With eInduction, mailers no longer need paper documentation,” said Mail Entry and Technology Payment VP Pritha Mehra. “It’s a smarter, more efficient approach.”

The process aligns with the Postal Service’s efforts to use technology to boost performance, she said.

Rather than using manual reconciliation of containers, dock employees now can scan IMcbs to automatically reconcile the container with eDoc.

During this automated reconciliation process, USPS can determine whether a mailer has used an IMcb more than once, ensuring the correct postage collection for each container.

USPS also is using eInduction to make sure mailers and shippers have sent each container to the correct postal facility for the rates claimed.

“This system confirms that each container is associated with a postage statement — another way to check whether the Postal Service has received proper payment,” Mehra said.

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