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Trust, but verify

Electronic postage verification for packages matures

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Through eVS, the Postal Service has improved revenue protection in its package business.

The Postal Service has collected more than $25 million in additional postage owed USPS during the past six months, the result of a system designed to improve revenue protection.

The Electronic Verification System (eVS) validates postage collected for parcels. The system has become increasingly important amid the recent increases in the Postal Service’s shipping business.

“As the package business continue to grow, verification procedures to protect revenue have matured too,” said Mail Entry and Payment Technology VP Pritha Mehra.

The system also aligns with the Postal Service’s corporate goals of improving the organization’s use of technology, Mehra said.

Through eVS, package mailers provide USPS with an electronic manifest, the data files used in an automated verification process. To validate payments, the Postal Service uses data from mail processing equipment to reconcile the information in the manifests.

USPS hopes to continue building on the success of this technology.

Said Mehra: “We’ve gotten off to a good start with eVS, and we look forward to continue using it to ensure postage owed to USPS is paid.”

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