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Revenue protection

Seamless acceptance automates verification process

Seamless acceptance helps improve revenue protection.
Seamless acceptance helps improve revenue protection.

USPS is rolling out new technology that electronically validates postage payment of business mailings, part of a DRIVE initiative to better protect Postal Service revenue.

The technology, known as seamless acceptance, quickly and efficiently confirms that business mailers have paid the correct postage when they enter mail at Business Mail Entry Units (BMEUs) and Detached Mail Units (DMUs).

“Seamless acceptance will help us improve the movement of business mail through the postal network and ensure proper revenue collection,” said Mail Entry and Payment Technology VP Pritha Mehra.

The technology is now being used to process 16 percent of commercial mail. It will be deployed to more BMEUs and DMUs in the next few months.

As USPS processes and scans individual mailpieces — or as employees manually scan sample pieces — seamless acceptance captures barcodes and compares the results with each mailer’s electronic documentation to validate postage and confirm mail preparation for claimed discounts.

The Postal Service is sharing results of the seamless acceptance process with the mailing industry.

USPS also is making the results available to acceptance employees, who will use them to help customers resolve problems and adjust postage, if needed.

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