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Dynamic routing improves package sorting, delivery

Dynamic routing story
Wichita, KS, Customer Services Supervisor Scott Lehman and Postal Support Employee Esdras Guerrero.

The Postal Service continues to boost productivity through dynamic routing, a technique that puts package delivery points in the most efficient, logical order.

USPS introduced dynamic routing last year at facilities that have parcel-only routes. The concept is part of the Postal Service’s broader effort to grow its package delivery business.

“It has really increased our productivity,” said Wichita, KS, Customer Services Supervisor Scott Lehman. “The carriers can now load and go. They don’t have to spend two hours trying to decipher the best delivery order of the packages.”

In Wichita, after packages are scanned or an electronic manifest is provided for multiple parcels, employees use dynamic routing software to sort the data into 4-5 delivery routes — including delivery sequence and driving directions for letter carriers.

Carriers said this approach allows them to work more efficiently. “The turn by turn driving instructions really help,” said Wichita Letter Carrier Stacey Cordoba.

Added Lehman: “I like to say, ‘Utilize the technology because it’s good stuff.’ It makes us more efficient, which is good for the Postal Service and our customers.”

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