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New game marks Pony Express’s anniversary

Saddle up with the new online Pony Express game.
Saddle up with the new online Pony Express game.

The Pony Express is being celebrated with an online game that allows users to guide galloping animated horses along rugged terrain while collecting mail.

Google introduced the game April 14, the 155th anniversary of the first delivery of the Pony Express. The storied delivery service allowed riders on horseback to move mail between California and Missouri from 1860-1861.

A brief video that accompanies the game includes a history of the Pony Express and concludes with a plug for the Postal Service. (Some employees may be unable to watch external videos on postal computers.)

Says the narrator: “Once you’re done, why not utilize the modern day Pony Express? You can write and mail a letter to someone you love the old-fashioned way.”

More information about the Pony Express is available from the Postal Service and the National Postal Museum.

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