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USPS, Japan issue stamps to honor gift of dogwood trees

Anchors Annie Yu and Wisdom Martin show the stamps on TV.
Anchors Annie Yu and Wisdom Martin show the stamps on TV.

The Postal Service and Japan Post jointly issued stamps April 10 to mark the gift of dogwood trees from the United States to Japan in 1915.

The Gifts of Friendship stamps come in four designs: two created by USPS and two created by Japan Post.

The first U.S. stamp depicts the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC, with cherry trees in the foreground. The second stamp shows the U.S. Capitol building surrounded by white and pink dogwood trees.

The Japanese-designed stamps feature two prominent structures in Tokyo: the National Diet Building framed by cherry blossoms and the clock tower outside the Diet Building rising behind white dogwood flowers.

“These trees bring renewed life each spring after the long winter months and are celebrated on both sides of the Pacific Ocean with annual festivals that echo the spirit of friendship,” said Chief Marketing and Sales Officer Nagisa Manabe, who dedicated the stamps during the National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington.

The stamps can be purchased online and at Post Offices nationwide

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