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Reality check

Visiting the mailbox still popular among many, poll finds

Eighty-three percent of Americans enjoy receiving packages, Gallup reports.

The mail moment lives.

Forty-one percent of Americans still look forward to checking their mailbox each day, according to a Gallup poll published April 2.

People 65 and older are more likely than anyone else to enjoy checking the mail, although more than a third of adults ages 18-49 also feel this way, the survey found.

“[Although] the vast majority of Americans have email addresses and communicate electronically, the results show that checking what the letter carrier brings each day remains a positively anticipated experience for a sizable minority of the public,” Gallup reported.

Eighty-three percent of Americans say they have a positive or very positive reaction when receiving packages, an increasingly important part of the Postal Service’s business.

Shipping and package volume hit 4 billion pieces last year, up from 3.1 billion pieces in 2010. USPS is investing in new package-sorting equipment and testing new services, including Sunday package deliveries.

The survey also offers good news for proponents of letter writing, the subject of the new From Me to You stamp: Ninety-four percent of Americans say they enjoy receiving a letter from someone they know.

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