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Test appearance

Postal Service exploring possible redesign of uniforms

Houston employees wear redesigned test uniforms.
Houston employees wear redesigned test uniforms.

The Postal Service is testing redesigned uniforms with a focus on evaluating the performance, functionality and safety features of various winter gear.

Approximately 2,000 employees are participating in cold-weather apparel tests in Boston, Houston, Milwaukee and Pittsburgh. USPS hopes to test warm-weather apparel in other cities in the spring.

“Uniforms are a marker of personal, professional and brand identity,” said Brand Marketing Executive Director Betty Su. “Postal Service letter carriers are particularly proud to wear their uniforms, and we’re eager to work closely with our workforce and other stakeholders to explore the possibility of modernizing employee apparel.”

The National Joint Labor-Management Uniform Control Committee, consisting of USPS and National Association of Letter Carriers (NALC) members, is overseeing these apparel tests.

Other groups involved include Brand Marketing, Labor Relations, Operations and Corporate Communications.

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