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Postal Pulse update

Employee concerns about confidentiality, participation addressed

The Postal Pulse
Employees are encouraged to take the Postal Pulse survey before the Friday, April 3, deadline.

All employees are encouraged to take the Postal Pulse survey before Friday, April 3, Chief Human Resources Officer Jeff Williamson said.

“We thank everyone who has submitted their responses,” said Williamson. “If employees haven’t completed the survey, we encourage them to do so before April 3. Their feedback is very important.”

USPS also wants employees to know their responses are confidential — and will remain so.

Gallup, the company administering the survey, receives all responses and stores them in a secure database. No one from the Postal Service has access to or sees individual responses.

“We value candid employee feedback. That’s why no supervisor or manager can view individual employees’ responses,” said Williamson.

The reports that Gallup provides do not include information that USPS can use to determine the identity of individual responders.

Some employees have expressed concerns about the survey being administered in a group setting in their workplace.

“Managers and supervisors should not mandate group administration procedures to facilitate employee completion and mailing of surveys,” Williamson said. “Employees may voluntarily participate in the Postal Pulse on the clock at a time that is operationally conducive for business operations.”

Additional information is included in Williamson’s recent video message.

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