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USPS seeks Forever status for additional stamps

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USPS filed a notice with the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) March 25 for a proposed classification change that would give non-denominated, non-expiring Forever status for five additional First-Class Mail stamp categories.

If approved by the PRC, the following denominated stamps would be converted to Forever status, effective April 26:

  • A postcard stamp
  • The two-ounce letter stamp (includes wedding stamps)
  • The three-ounce letter stamp
  • The additional ounce stamp
  • The first ounce nonmachinable surcharge stamp.

The change aims to provide customers with additional convenience in purchasing and maintaining stocks of up-to-date postage and be more economical for the Postal Service.

Whenever prices change in the future, customers will no longer have to purchase stamps with the new prices and USPS will no longer have to retrieve and destroy stamps with outdated prices.

In addition, the ability to continue producing a particular Forever stamp design — without regard to price changes — will allow better management of stamp printing.

The PRC filing is available on the agency’s site.

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