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PMG discusses Postal Pulse, new growth initiatives

PMG Brennan video story
PMG Megan Brennan’s latest “Business Focus” video was released March 26.

The Postal Pulse survey will help improve USPS workplaces, PMG Megan Brennan says in her latest “Business Focus” video message.

The Postal Pulse features shorter questions that will allow USPS to better leverage employees’ feedback.

The Gallup organization is administering the 2015 survey, which began March 16 and will continue through Friday, April 3. Beginning in 2016, employees will receive the survey twice yearly.

“I urge you to take the survey so we can better help you do the best job possible,” Brennan says.

Individual responses aren’t shared with managers or supervisors, the PMG says. “They’re confidential. You have my commitment on that point.”

Additionally, the PMG discusses initiatives to help USPS grow its business, including the new My package-tracking app.

The app relies on data produced by the new Mobile Delivery Devices (MDDs), which letter and rural carriers use to scan packages upon delivery.

Approximately 100,000 MDDs have been deployed. All carriers are scheduled to receive them by Sept. 30.

“For the My concept to work, we need timely and accurate scans,” Brennan says.

The PMG also discusses a promotion to get more businesses to use technology to enliven their mailpieces, and then she concludes with praise for employees.

“Thank you for your hard work, your service, and for making our customers your top priority,” she says.

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