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Lost and found

New film highlights power of written word

Danny Collins story
In “Danny Collins,” Al Pacino plays a singer-songwriter whose life is changed by a long-lost letter. Photo: The New York Times

Al Pacino’s new movie “Danny Collins” isn’t just about rock ’n’ roll — it’s also about the enduring power of letters.

The movie casts Pacino as the title character, a disillusioned singer-songwriter whose life is changed when he receives an encouraging note written to him decades earlier by John Lennon.

The screenplay is based on an actual letter that Lennon wrote to folk singer Steve Tilston in 1971. Tilston never knew the note existed until a collector brought it to him in 2005.

“Sometimes we do things in life that we don’t realize [make us] turn profound corners,” Pacino told Parade magazine this week.

The actor also recalled how he once penned a fan letter to Broadway actor Christopher Plummer — who happens to play his manager in “Danny Collins.”

“I don’t know if he got it. I was a kid,” Pacino said.

“Danny Collins” will open in limited release Friday, March 20.

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