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Customer Connect program nears $2 billion in revenue

Customer Connect
The Sandusky, OH, Post Office celebrates Customer Connect. From left, National Association of Letter Carriers (NALC) Business Agent Daniel Toth, NALC Executive Vice President Tim O’Malley, Sandusky Postmaster Kay Tobey, Sandusky Letter Carrier Marcia Kingsley, Sales and Small Business Manager Donna Thabet and Northern Ohio District Manager Melvin Anderson.

Customer Connect, a program that encourages letter carriers to identify new business opportunities for the Postal Service, has generated almost $2 billion in revenue.

“As letter carriers, we see firsthand how businesses mail and ship,” said Sandusky, OH, Letter Carrier Marcia Kinsley. “Many businesses are just plain unaware that we offer a better quality, more economical service.”

The Sandusky Post Office is one of several where employees were recently treated to breakfast for contributing to the success of Customer Connect, which is a partnership with the National Association of Letter Carriers.

To participate, carriers are asked to submit at least two leads per month. Additional tips:

  • If you notice customers using a competitor to ship domestic or international parcels, ask if they would like the Postal Service to contact them about saving money on their shipping needs.
  • If the customer says yes, fill out a Customer Connect lead card.
  • Bring the card back to the Post Office so your supervisor can enter it in the system.

Says Sales VP Cliff Rucker: “With every letter carrier’s participation, reaching that $2 billion milestone is just months away.”

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