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Immaculate reception

Custodian ensures Post Office makes good impression

Fremont Post Office
Fremont, OH, Post Office Custodian Mark Venis shovels snow.

All Postal Service employees contribute to the organization’s reputation — a sentiment Fremont, OH, Post Office Custodian Mark Venis has taken to heart.

“We need to be conscious of the image we give to the public,” said Venis, a 29-year USPS employee. “Whether it’s our facilities, our uniforms, our trucks or our attitudes, it all plays into how the public sees us.”

Fremont is one of 3,100 Post Offices in the USPS Premier Office  program, which aims to strengthen customer service at top-performing retail locations.

As a custodian, Venis is responsible for keeping the Fremont office neat and clean, beginning with the lobby. Other duties include coordinating with contracted maintenance workers and stocking supplies.

“If you were to walk into the Fremont Post Office, you would say, ‘This is exactly what I want our public perception to be,’” said Acting Post Office Operations Manager Eric Adkins. “It is a showplace.”

Said Venis: “The Postal Service has a good reputation, but if we let things slip, it will be tough to get it back. It’s very important that we are excellent in every aspect of our job.”

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