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Taking the oath

PMG thanks employees, family during installation

Megan Brennan takes the oath as the 74th Postmaster General.
Megan Brennan takes the oath as the 74th Postmaster General.

In addition to discussing the Postal Service’s future during her March 6 installation, PMG Megan Brennan thanked employees for their dedication.

“Our employees do great work every day,” Brennan said. “They serve every community in America, visiting every business and residence, and they do so with deep pride in our mission.”

The PMG also thanked her family, noting the Brennans have about 125 years of combined postal experience — beginning with her father Jeremiah, who devoted 43 years to USPS.

“My dad worked the night shift while his six kids were young. He always impressed upon us the importance of hard work, showing up and showing up on time,” she said.

Additionally, Brennan praised her late brother Kevin, who had 36 years of postal experience, and younger brother Brian, who has almost 17 years.

The PMG — who joined USPS in 1986 as a letter carrier in Lancaster, PA — also pointed out her sister Erin’s service as a “casual” in college, as well as their mother’s career in the mailroom of the Schuylkill County, PA, Courthouse.

“We talk a lot about mail in my family,” the PMG said.

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