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Honolulu District hits 98 percent in scanning

Honolulu District employees scan packages.
Honolulu District employees scan packages.

Honolulu District recently scored 98.04 percent in scanning, the first time the district has broken the 98-percent barrier.

“It’s another example of the work ethic of our employeeohana,” said District Manager Greg Wolny, using the Hawaiian word for family. “We set our bar to achieve a 98 percent in overall scanning and we did it.”

The district hit the milestone during the week of Jan. 10. It also led the districts for the month with an overall score of 97.89 percent, compared to a national rating of 96.43 percent.

Scanning, which allows customers to track their packages and other mail, is a top priority for USPS.

Honolulu District’s success stems from its “find and fix” process, Acting Operations Support Manager Royalle Watanabe said. The district sends employees daily messages describing missed scans so problems can be identified and resolved.

Honolulu also emphasizes delivering packages on the first attempt, Watanabe said.

The district is aiming to make history again. “Now we’ve our sights set on being the first district to score 99 percent,” Wolny said.

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