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Medal of Honor stamps to be dedicated Memorial Day

The Vietnam War Medal of Honor stamps
The Vietnam War Medal of Honor stamps

The Postal Service will issue three stamps on Memorial Day that pay tribute to Medal of Honor recipients from the Vietnam War.

The stamps will depict the three versions of the medal — one each for the Army, Navy and Air Force. Each medal consists of a five-pointed star worn around the neck on a light blue ribbon.

This weekend marks the 50th anniversary of the beginning of the ground war in Vietnam with the deployment of 3,500 Marines. By the war’s end in April 1975, 3 million service members had fought in the conflict, including 58,000 who died.

The Medal of Honor was awarded to 258 Americans who served during the war.

The stamps will be dedicated May 25 at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, DC. The release date was announced March 5 and the stamp images were revealed last week.

USPS also plans to preview the images that will appear on the selvage — the area outside the stamps on the sheet — including pictures of almost 50 living Vietnam era Medal of Honor recipients.

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