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Indiana rural carrier rescues puppies from a fire

Melinda Thompson and Ember
Greenfield, IN, Rural Carrier Melinda Thompson and Ember.

Greenfield, IN, Rural Carrier Melinda Thompson was on her route recently when she spotted a burning shed and ran over to see if anyone needed help.

“I know that this particular home, they have a few dogs,” Thompson told the Daily Reporter newspaper. “I thought, ‘I just gotta check, just in case.’”

Sure enough, several puppies were trapped inside.

Thompson called 911 and grabbed a shovel to break open the door.

“When I couldn’t get that lock off, I tried to kick the board in,” she said. “I tried everything. I just had to get them out. They were crying, and that was just the awfulest thing I ever heard.”

Thompson finally opened the door. One puppy was at the entrance while the others were huddled in a corner.

Thompson saved them all.

The grateful owner gave her the pick of the litter. Thompson chose the runt — the puppy that greeted her at the door — and gave her a fitting name: Ember.

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