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Fuel intentions

New delivery vehicles will be more efficient, CSO says

USPS delivery vehicle
USPS plans to replace approximately 180,000 delivery vehicles with models that offer more fuel-efficient features.

The Postal Service’s next generation delivery vehicles will offer more sustainable and fuel-efficient features, Chief Sustainability Officer Tom Day told the Planning Report trade publication recently.

“Vehicles are obviously one of our major sources of greenhouse gas emissions,” Day said. “Whatever vehicle we choose must be financially justified, and at the same time, must reduce our impact on the environment.”

USPS is planning to replace approximately 180,000 delivery vehicles with newer models that will be more durable and affordable and better meet changing delivery needs.

Making fuel efficiency a priority reflects the Postal Service’s commitment to sustainability, Day said. In the article, industry experts credit the organization’s work to voluntarily report on its sustainability progress.

Day also noted employee efforts to advance sustainability, as well as the competitive advantages of incorporating green business practices.

“We have goals to reduce energy, to reduce water consumption and to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions. It’s something that, throughout the Postal Service, we fully embrace.”

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